Here’s what you will Achieve with our Better Body, Better Golf Fitness DVD:

Better Muscle Synchronization Better Strength
Better Transfer of Power Better Stability
Better Shoulder Turn Better Distance
Better Flexibility Better Golf!

The exercises have been developed with over 12 years of research studying the best golfers in the world and how their body affects their golf swing.

As a TPI certified golf fitness specialist, Daniel has worked with hundreds of golf professionals, amateurs, juniors, women golfers and weekend warriors to help eliminate physical limitations and swing faults for enhanced golf performance. Daniel is responsible for golf fitness and conditioning for the Nick Faldo Series Asia.
This DVD ushers in the new era of golf performance. Follow these exercises for 4 weeks and we promise you will not only take your golf to a whole new level, you will also get in the best shape of your life!

As a tertiary educated, internationally acclaimed fitness professional and author, Daniel’s golf fitness programs maximize energy expenditure, boost your metabolism, enhance your energy levels and get you in great shape.

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Stay Strong, Hit ‘em Long

TPI Certified Golf Fitness Specialists
Founder – Better Golf Fitness

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What is your Handicap?

“Dan guaranteed me that I would add 30 yards to my drive, well, I achieved that in 3 weeks and after 10 weeks have added a total of 70 yards!!”
Sammy Dwivedi

“I dropped 20 shots off my handicap in a little under 8 weeks with Dan's golf fitness exercises. Best part is I do them at home, no equipment in under 15 minutes, 3 times week. This stuff works like magic!!"
Al Lock

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